I’m on a list of new SFF writers!

So somehow I managed to make it onto a list at Tor (!) of new SFF writers to watch. There are some awesome writers on here and I–I can’t believe it. I’m just stunned. Here is my story, “Shine like the Sea’s Deepest Secrets” up at Podcastle (and first published in Flame Tree’s gothic fantasy anthology Pirates & Ghosts: Short Stories), that apparently caught the article writer’s eye.

Published by: katoscope

Kathryn McMahon is an American literary and speculative fiction writer who grew up in and out of the US and lives abroad with her British wife and small dog. Her prose has appeared or is forthcoming in Syntax and Salt, The Cinncinati Review, The Baltimore Review, (b)OINK, Jellyfish Review, Split Lip, Necessary Fiction, and others, including Upper Rubber Boot's food and horror anthology Sharp & Sugar Tooth: Women Up to No Good. Recently, her work has been nominated for Best of the Net, Best Small Fictions, and the Pushcart Prize. She is a member of Codex. Follow her on Twitter at @katoscope.

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